To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing at the request of Maggie Wu, President of USAEDU International Consulting Group LLC. USAEDU has become one of our most valued education partner organizations assisting us with student recruitment and parent communication through seminars that they help to organize.

I have come to value Maggie Wu as an important advisor and counselor. During the past several years her knowledge and expertise have been invaluable to our efforts in China. At this point, I consider Maggie to be not just a colleague but a personal friend in whom I have complete confidence.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to let me know.


Dear Colleague:

As Headmaster of The Perkiomen School for six years and 25 years of experience in American independent schools, I am writing in support of Ms. Maggie Wu and her organization, USAEDU International Consulting Group LLC.

I have known and worked with Maggie for the past ten years - I met her when I led the first group of American boarding schools into China in partnership with the United States Commercial Service. USAEDU has become a most valued education partner organization and assists us with student recruitment, parent communication through seminars, receptions and individual meetings, and fund raising. I have come to value Maggie Wu, the Managing Director of USAEDU, as an important advisor and counselor, and have known her since I was the Assistant Headmaster for Enrollment at Mercersburg Academy. Most importantly, Maggie has become a close, personal friend of my family and I trust her professionally.

During the past ten years, USAEDU has worked with us closely; they know students and families very well. They always represent our school to the parents positively and communicate with parents effectively in China. Due to their efforts, Maggie and her organization have assisted us in raising over $500,000 from our Chinese parents this year. The Perkiomen School is stronger academically and financially as a direct result of Maggie's supportive efforts on our behalf.

I recommend Maggie and her organization, USAEDU, with complete confidence.   If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Christopher R. Tompkins

        John J. Cummings


Education takes a hundred years to bear fruit. Education consulting is a noble career to help students make their dreams come true. For parents and students, their dreams of studying abroad are closely combined with their infinite hopes for a better future. For us, every contract is more than business, but trust,reputation and expectation, and even the responsibility to take care of the students’ futures. Hence, we convince unswervingly thatwe will help all students who put their trust upon us to pursue their splendidlife through our professional service and sincere love.

      Rigorous and excelsior in attitude, perfect and innovative in purpose, we have been and will continue to be your most reliable friends to chase dreams with you on theroad of studying in America.

USAEDU Education Group LLC 美国美嘉国际咨询顾问有限公司(简称USAEDU美国美嘉),于2000年设立于美国,为NAFSA国际教育工作协会成员和AAIE国际教育先进协会会员。USAEDU美国美嘉团队由国际化专业人才组成,致力于国际教育工作与服务。经由长期与美国常春藤大学和顶尖中学的招生委员建立的良好互动与紧密关系,USAEDU美国美嘉已成为包含了美国高等院校、预科学院、私立中学等数百个教育单位的指定招生机构。



USAEDU International Consulting Group / USAEDU Education Group ( USAEDU for short ), founded in America early this century, is a professional group helping students study in America. Having a professional team from both home and abroad with more than 10years’ working experience devoting themselves into international education service, it has grown to be one of the members of the NAFSA and AAIE.

      Since its establishment, USAEDU has developed a close relationship and committed active interactions with numerous admissioncommittee of Ivy League Colleges and top secondary schools. Today, it has distinguished itself as one of the best educational consulting institutions authorized by hundreds of schools, including colleges,boarding schools,preparatory schools and private schools.

      In 2005, USAEDU set its consulting office in Shanghai, as a leading professional organization in China and continued to dedicate itself in providing best service and school resource forits cooperation agencies in Asia. Meanwhile, it has assisted building the bridges between students who expected to study abroad and intended American schools.

      Generally speaking, USAEDU provides students such services as overall planning, academic suggestion, language trainingand other services, including not only assisting students to make preparation for the school application, but also helping students to adapt to America life, giving advice for courses selection and making strategic plans fortheir university applications. Up till now, USAEDU has successfully assisted many students who were recommended by cooperation agencies to achieve their dreams of studying in American top schools.   

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