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Marvelous Managerie


For decades, and especially since we opened the Charles Hosmer Morse Center for the Arts in 2001, we have celebrated Fashion Design as visual art alongside drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, and digital design. The works of fashion designed over those years—whether children's outfits, accessories, adult fashion, or bridal ensembles—have been living expressions of the imagination, spirit, and energy of young people. This year the designers took their inspirations from the animal kingdom, and their annual fashion show, Modern Menagerie, put their creations on display as 18 teens and seven children performed beautifully as fashion models in Fuller Hall.


One aspect of fashion that makes it unlike other visual arts is that it needs another person to make it come alive. As evidenced during the fashion show, the artwork only comes alive and expresses the spirit of the designer when worn and displayed by a model. The grace and style of the model's movements expands the visual art into the realm of performance art, and those of us who watched the precocious children and graceful young adults witnessed the power of that art form as models glided and strutted, spun and twirled across the stage. They even blew kisses and threw bouquets, engaging the audience in multiple ways while highlighting the beauty and imagination behind the fashion designs they wore.


As the title of the show suggested, the designs were diverse, ranging from butterflies to bucks to brides, but the diversity of the creations were only part of the beauty. The 25 models were also diverse. They ranged from pre-K to Grade 12, and they came from three continents and five countries: China, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, and the US. The artists were also diverse coming from four countries: China, Japan, Thailand, and the US. Each artist chose the model to wear each design, and in one case, the designer and both of her models were each from different countries. One of the things I love about our school is the ease with which young people learn to navigate a diverse community and create bonds across boundaries such as nationality, language, or culture. The show required that these models cooperated with the designer both in the fitting and in the display, and the end result proved once again that the world is more beautiful when we can work together in our diversity.


This cooperation was also evident in other ways, some of them behind the scenes, that highlighted the spirit that is fostered in the Morse Center and throughout campus. While sometimes the arts are seen as individualistic works, the fashion show is a collaborative effort. This year's show kicked off with Carter Brochu '19 smoothly playing the role of emcee and introducing pianist/singer Sam Bulpin '19 and singer Maggie Roach '19 who performed a beautiful duet to the Beatles' "Let It Be". A large screen to the side of the stage displayed a video, created by Filmmaking teacher Alex Shea, showing the artists at work, and that was followed by a slide of the show's poster which was designed by Digital Design student Zach Fucci '19. As the models came on stage, they were accompanied by music provided by Santiago "Santi" Zamudio-Galindo '21, and the management of the theater tech and stage directions were handled by Jane Clerkin '19, Matt Bader '19, Lily Kraus '21, Emma Sestito '20, Sophie Guss '20, and Miranda Degreenia '21 from our A/V and Theater programs.

这样的合作在其他方面也有体现,其中一些幕后的工作就突出了莫尔斯中心和整个校园的精神。虽然有时艺术被看作个人主义色彩的作品,但是时装秀是一个需要大家合作完成的项目。今年的秀是卡特·布洛克担任主持人,他介绍了钢琴家/歌手萨姆·布林和歌手玛吉·罗奇,他们表演了披头士乐队的“Let It Be”二重唱。舞台一侧的大屏幕显示了一段由电影制作老师Alex Shea制作的视频,展示了艺术家们的作品,接着是数字设计学生Zach Fucci设计的海报幻灯片。模特登台后,随着来自圣地亚哥“Santi”的Zamudio Galindo的伴奏音乐,舞台技术和指导由Jane Clerkin、Matt Bader、Lily Kraus、Emma Sestito、Sophie Guss和Miranda Degreenia来操作。

The final and perhaps most important collaboration happened literally behind the scenes as Dyan Wallace returned from retirement to help her former student, Fashion Design teacher Emma Charrow '14, in her first Fashion Show. This relationship of master artist and apprentice which prepared Emma to take over the program Dyan began two decades ago is at the heart of our art programs. Each teacher is a master artist in his or her own right, and they have chosen to take on the mentoring of younger artists so that they too can feel what it is like to produce inspiring and powerful works of art to share with the world. As evidenced on Fuller stage last week, Dyan and Emma and their colleagues in the art department have done an outstanding job in helping young people share their imaginations and creative spirits in beautiful ways. To all who helped create the marvelous multi-modal menagerie of art that we witnessed on Thursday, bravo and thank you!

最后,或许也是最重要的合作发生在幕后,Dyan Wallace退休后回来帮助她以前教过的学生--时装设计老师Emma Charrow,参加她的第一场时装秀。20年前,大师级艺术家和学徒的关系使得Emma接手了Dyan的项目,这是我们学校艺术项目的核心。每一位老师都是大师级艺术家,他们通过指导年轻艺术家来感受与世界分享令人鼓舞的艺术作品。正如上周在富勒舞台上所体现的,Dyan和Emma以及他们在艺术系的同事帮助年轻人充分展示了他们的想象力和创造精神。感谢所有帮助周四完美时装秀的人,你们真是太好了,谢谢!

In The News

Two Graduates Achieve Perfect Scores on the AP Research Exam两名毕业生在AP研究考试中取得了完美的成绩

Annie Danielson and Emma Forster of the Class of 2018 received perfect scores on the AP Research exam they took in May 2018. Only 40 schools in the world had two students with perfect scores.

2018届毕业生安妮·丹妮尔森(Annie Danielson)和艾玛·福斯特(Emma Forster)在2018年5月参加的AP研究考试中获得了满分。世界上只有40所学校有两名学生成绩完美。

Commencement Speaker Announced毕业典礼演讲宣布

This year's Commencement Speaker will be Lee Hackett, member of the SJA Board of Trustees since 1985, former President and Treasurer of the SJA Board, and retired executive vice president of American Appraisal Associates, Inc.

今年的毕业典礼演讲人将是Lee Hackett,自1985年起担任SJA董事会成员,SJA董事会前主席兼财务主管,以及美国评估协会(American Appraisal Associates, Inc.)的退休执行副总裁。

Senses Of The Week

Our FIRST Robotics team Tech Storm finished their competition ranked fourth and will move on to the District Championship for the New England Region at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, this weekend. Good luck!   

本周末,我们的First机器人团队Tech Storm在马萨诸塞州伍斯特的伍斯特理工学院(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)完成了排名第四的比赛,并将继续参加新英格兰地区的地区锦标赛。祝好运!

Scholars Bowl lost to Middlebury after beating Woodstock. Congratulations on a great season!   

Scholars Bowl在击败伍德斯托克后输给米德尔伯里。祝贺你拥有一个美好的赛季!

The cast and crew of The Just So Stories took to the stage before heading off to their state competition. They finished as an alternate for the New England festival.   

《Just So Stories》的演员和工作人员在参加州际比赛之前登上了舞台。他们作为新英格兰音乐节的候补演出结束了。

This week Culinary I students made carrot cakes!   


The annual fashion show was another big hit!


Culinary Arts, Restaurant Service, and Commercial Baking competitors paused for a photo before the state SkillsUSA competition. From left to right: Rebecca Houde, Carter Hilliker, Sam Newland, Katelyn Molleur, Matt Rice, and Emma Smith.   


Tanner Bridges also competed in Welding. The competition continues this week with results announced at the banquet this Saturday.   

Tanner Bridges也参与了焊接领域的竞争。比赛将于本周继续进行,结果将于本周六的晚宴上公布。




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资深留学顾问Maggie Wu一行人名校之旅第二站来到了杜克大学(Duke University),美国最优秀的大学之一,长期排名美国前十。


2018年8月中旬,USAEDU美国美嘉资深顾问Maggie Wu再一次踏上美国访校之旅,此次访校之行第一站是美国排名第三的芝加哥大学。