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Message From The Headmaster

Fernanda's Farewell

As part of our Public Speaking classes, Janet Warner Ashley’s students prepare and deliver a Chapel Talk. Not all students actually deliver their speeches in Fuller Hall; due to time constraints, some students deliver them in South Church, and some deliver them at the Library Fireside in the Mayo Center. In each case, the student speaker crafts a message that he or she feels is pertinent and powerful for the audience of their teachers, advisors, and peers. These values-based messages come from the students’ personal experiences, and because they are so authentic, the speeches are powerful. Such was the case when Fernanda Vega delivered her speech on Thursday, which she called “My Farewell to the Academy.”

作为我们公开演讲班级的一分子,Janet Warner Ashley的学生们准备并发表了一次教堂演讲。并不是所有的学生都在Fuller大厅演讲,由于时间限制,有些学生在南教堂演讲,有些学生在Mayo中心的图书馆演讲。在所有的演讲中,学生都传达他们对于老师、顾问和同龄人听众来说非常有意义和有力量的感受。这些非常有价值的信息都来自于学生的个人经历,它们是如此真实,因此整个演讲都是震撼人心的。星期四Fernanda Vega发表演讲时就是这样,她称之为“好好地向学院告别”。

Having only arrived at the Academy last fall, Fernanda did not have the same multitude of experiences that most of her classmates had gathered over their years here, but she had enough of an Academy experience to be genuinely grateful. She began her speech by thanking everyone who was in her dorm, her classes, or even just in the hallways for making the Academy a place where she felt good and happy every day. She compared her time at the Academy to a pit stop, a place to catch your breath and experience new things, and a launching pad, a place where you became empowered to go out and do even more and greater new things. She said that her time at the Academy was “the rehab that I never needed.”


She spoke with humor and feeling about the diversity of our school, a diversity that helped her see things in a new way—like “people here wear socks with sandals!” She went on to speak more seriously of her amazement at how driven students are—regardless of their interests—and how many roles teachers play in the lives of their students as teachers, coaches, proctors, and advisors. She was impressed by how many people showed a passion for so many diverse interests, being committed to success in academics, athletics, and the arts—all at the same time. Likewise, she was impressed by the myriad of opportunities offered here (“to do anything—anything—that you might be interested in”) and the amount of encouragement that teachers gave students to take advantage of these opportunities.


She closed her talk with a personal message. She said, “Just like Ms. Choiniere has ‘be intensely alive’ and Mr. Lovett has ‘what starts here changes the world’, I have come to realize that dorm students and day students are, in the end, both students.” Her message was that “we are so used to separating ourselves and dividing our community when, in reality, we are not as different as we believe ourselves to be”; regardless of where we come from, we are not as different as we once thought. She encouraged both day students and dorm students to break out of their familiar friend groups and make one new friend. She promised that by doing so, each person would build a whole new “empire of friends.”


She ended with the following: “The Academy always says, ‘Leave this place better than you found it,’ right? But I honestly believe that the Academy has left me better than it found me.” In closing this way, Fernanda expressed what generations of alumni have expressed, including the dozens with whom I visited in Oakland and Seattle a week ago. The myriad opportunities, the high aspirations, the constant encouragement, and the diverse community that make up an Academy experience changes people for the better. Fernanda, like the members of the Class of 2019 and others who will be leaving our community in June, have just begun the process of ending their time here. It is a time of reflection, nostalgia, and celebration, and if done right—as Fernanda modeled for us on Thursday—it is a time of gratitude and appreciation as well.


Well done, Fernanda; thank you for leaving us with a message of unity and friendship that has not only the power to be intensely alive or to start something that can change the world, but also the power to leave this place better than it found us.


In The News

St. Johnsbury Academy has announced the valedictorian and co-salutatorians for the Class of 2019. Jianing Wu of Hangzhou, China, was named valedictorian.

圣约翰博睿学院已经公布2019届毕业典礼的致辞学生代表,来自中国的Jianing Wu为致告别辞的最优秀毕业生。

Valedictorian Jianing Wu has received many awards and honors during her high school career. She received the Kinmay W. Tang Scholarship, gold, silver and bronze medals in the Vermont Science Olympiad, three merit prizes in the UVM Prize Math competition, and first prizes for the Colwell Center Travel Photography and Travel Writing contests. She was a semi-finalist in the 2019 Rotary speech contest, and she was named an AP Scholar with Distinction. In addition to her academic achievements, Jianing has participated in a number of activities. She is a core member of The Ninth World, a non-profit organization in China, and is co-captain of both the Science Olympiad team, and the varsity tennis team. She is a member of St. Johnsbury Academy's Dorm Council, Student Government, National Honor Society, Community Service Resource Club, and Math Club, and serves the admissions department as a Student Ambassador. Jianing will attend the University of Southern California.
圣约翰博睿学院致告别辞的最优秀毕业生Jianing Wu,在高中期间获得了许多奖项和荣誉。她获得了Kinmay W. Tang奖学金、佛蒙特州科学奥林匹克竞赛的金、银、铜奖牌、UVM奖数学竞赛的三个优秀奖,以及科威尔中心旅游摄影和旅游写作竞赛的一等奖。她是2019年Rotary演讲比赛的半决赛选手,并被评为杰出的AP学者。除了学术成就外,Jianing还参加多项课外活动。她是中国非营利组织The Ninth World的核心成员,同时也是学院科学奥林匹克队和大学网球队的联合队长。她是圣约翰博睿学院宿舍委员会、学生会、国家荣誉协会、社区服务资源俱乐部和数学俱乐部的成员,并担任招生部门的学生大使。Jianing将就读于南加州大学。

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Sense Of The Week

Academy filmmaking students created some great short films this weekend at the Tap Into Film 48 Hour Film Slam, sponsored by Catamount Arts and SOCAPA, and swept the prize categories. We'll have more information and links to the winning films next week.


Alex Coulombe '05 spoke in Chapel and with classes about his career in virtual reality.

2005届毕业生Alex Coulombe在礼堂和课堂上为同学们讲述他在虚拟现实领域的工作。

Spring sports have finally started in earnest! Photos of the JV Softball game are here.


Boys' tennis is here.


And girls' track photos are here.





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