SJA New——校长的信:懂得欣赏方得快乐


Messsage from The Headmaster 校长的信

The Happiness and Joy of Appreciation

懂得欣赏 方得快乐

On the south wall of Fuller Hall is a panel that displays a version of the Athenian Oath that was adapted by Headmaster Stanley Oldham (Headmaster from 1933 to 1945) to apply to the Academy. It says in part, “We will fight for the ideals and sacred things of this school both alone and with many…. We will transmit this school not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.” As I spoke to the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors in the presence of this oath on Friday, a cohort of the Board of Trustees who were on campus for their annual May meeting joined us.

富勒大厅南面的墙上有一个展板,展示的是校长Stanley Oldham(1933年至1945年担任学院校长)改编的雅典誓言。这里节选部分誓言如下:“我们要为学院的理想和神圣的东西而战斗,无论是独自一人还是众多人一起……我们要把学院建造发展地更伟大、更美丽。”周五,当我对九年级、十年级和十一年级的学生们宣读这则誓言时,正在学院参加5月份年度会议的校董会成员们也加入了我们。

Most of those assembled had studied the oath as part of their Humanities classes, and every one of them had heard our bumper-sticker version: “Leave this place better than you found it.” I had met Headmaster Oldham’s granddaughters at an alumni event in Seattle last month, and they brought several pieces of Academy memorabilia that spoke to his love of the school and their love of him. In reflecting on their relationship, I was reminded of a couple of points that David Brooks made in his recent New York Times column “Happiness and Joy”.

大多数人都在人文课上都学过这则誓言,而且他们每个人都听过我们学院的誓言:“留给学院的东西比刚进入学院时的优秀。”我上个月在西雅图的校友活动上遇到了Oldham校长的孙女们,她们带来了几件学院纪念品,表达了校长对学校的爱以及他们对校长的爱。在反思他们之间的关系时,我想起了David Brooks最近在《纽约时报》专栏《幸福与快乐》中提到的几点。

Brooks differentiated between lovers—who stand face-to-face and look into each other’s eyes—and friends—who stand shoulder-to-shoulder and look toward something they both care about. The question becomes, then, what do we care about? What will we stand with others to value, fight for, and preserve? I pointed to the most recent issue of the Hilltopper, our alumni magazine, for the answer.


The magazine, beautifully designed and written by our Communications and Marketing staff, contains stories that highlight the Academy’s long-standing tradition of valuing the human person and the many gifts each brings to our community. The cover story features art teacher Rodney Reis ‘82 and the work he has done to restore Brantview’s parlors. It could have been a story about Brantview’s beauty, but instead it is about Rod’s talent and dedication to the school. There is also a story about Chef Gerry Prevost that, instead of focusing on his numerous accomplishments, celebrates his spirit and relationships, and there is one about senior Alexis Jablonski that, instead of focusing on our trip to Ghana, highlights her thoughtful generosity in helping create sustainable projects for those less fortunate. There was also a feature about our Commencement Speaker Lee Hackett, that could have focused solely on his impressive career, but instead focuses on his generosity to the Academy and the genuine love he has for the school and its people.

这本杂志由我们的宣传和营销人员精心设计和撰写,其中的故事突出了学院重视人类的悠久传统,以及每个人给我们的学校带来的许多影响。杂志封面是艺术老师Rodney Reis,以及他为修复Brantview客厅所做的工作。本以为这是一个有关Brantview的美丽故事,但恰恰相反,它是关于Rod的才华和他对学校所做的奉献。还有一个故事是关于主厨Gerry Prevost的,内容不是强调他众多的成就,而是歌颂他的精神和人际关系。还有一个故事是关于十二年级学生Alexis Jablonski的,关注点并不在我们去加纳的旅行上,而是强调她在帮助那些运气差的人创建可持续项目方面时的深思熟虑。我们的毕业典礼发言人Lee Hackett也有一个故事,故事内容本可以只叙述他令人印象深刻的职业生涯,而实际则突显了他对学院的慷慨和他对学校及其人们的爱。

However, the kind of values that Headmaster Oldham was hoping to instill and preserve were highlighted in the story about Dean of International Students Florian Rexhepi, who came to the Academy as a student after experiencing two wars in Macedonia, and his relationships with two boys, Majd Al Abas and Ayman Alsalloumi, whose families had fled Syria as refugees. The photo in the magazine shows them literally standing shoulder-to-shoulder, and while it could have been a story about how these three young men overcame adversity, it ends by highlighting the key value embodied by Florian: “He has extended the welcome the Academy gave to him, and the tradition continues.”

然而,Oldham校长希望灌输和保存的价值观在国际学生院长Florian Rexhepi的故事中得以体现,他在马其顿经历了两次战争,之后来到圣约翰博睿学院就读,他还与两个举家逃离叙利亚的难民男孩Majd al Abas和Ayman Alsaloumi建立了非常深厚的关系。杂志上的照片是他们肩并肩地站着,感觉像是关于三个年轻人如何克服逆境的故事,但在最后强调了Florian所体现的关键价值:“他增加了他在学院的受欢迎程度,传统得以继续。”

This tradition of welcoming each person, appreciating each one’s gifts and struggles, and celebrating the connections that bind us together was also highlighted last week as it was both Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week. Throughout the week, students posted “Teacher Shout Outs” on the Colby Bulletin Board, and members of the National Honor Society distributed Random Acts of Kindness to various faculty in Chapel. Many of us received hand-written notes, and we all received some chocolate kisses and a box of Nerds in our mailboxes with a note from NHS.


As I watched teachers stop to read the “Shout Outs” written about them and their colleagues, I was reminded of another point made by Brooks in his column. He differentiated between happiness, which comes from a sense of personal accomplishment, and joy, which transcends the self and focuses on the happiness of another person. No doubt, teachers were filled with happiness by reading the grateful comments from their students, but even more importantly, students were filled with joy in expressing that appreciation and seeing their teachers’ happiness. Likewise, many colleagues expressed joy too, seeing their hardworking colleagues receive well-deserved thanks.


I can’t speak for Headmaster Oldham or be sure what prompted his adaptation of the oath, and I am not even sure who decided to paint it on Fuller Hall’s southern wall, but I know that one of the “ideals and sacred things of this school” is this joyful appreciation of each other. I also know that as we foster and put ourselves in the position to experience this joy, we will “transmit this school not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”


In The News

SJA Theatre to PresentAmelie


SJA Theatre will present the musical play Amelie in Fuller Hall on Thursday and Friday, May 16 and 17 at 7:00 p.m., and on Saturday, May 18 at 2:00 p.m.


Academy Students Recognized at 38th Annual Congressional Art Competition


St. Johnsbury Academy Fine Arts students were honored during the 38th annual Congressional Art Competition awards ceremony.


CTE Students Earn Gold in SkillsUSA


St. Johnsbury Academy students won five gold medals, five silver medals, and one bronze medal at the Vermont SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Competition.


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Sense Of The Week

Music students performed this past weekend at the All-State Music Festival. Marc Lamontagne performed with the Jazz Ensemble Friday night. All other students in Orchestra, Band and Chorus performed Saturday afternoon. Back Row (l-r): Mason Davis, Emma Buhner, Henry Sipples, Sze Chun Chan, Gavin Ghafoori, Lukas Morris, Marc Lamontagne. Middle Rows: Cecilia Sweeney, Kaci Cochran, Madison Wilson, Elizabeth Gilmartin, Rose Sullivan, Luke Young Xu, Kat Mayhew, Lia Rotti, Jen Rotti.Front: Chelsea Chen, Harmony Evans, Jordan Barbour, Joseph Vineyard, Hyun Jeen Yang, Jiaxin Du. Missing: Zachary Anti, Qiongyin Yan.

音乐系学生上周末在全国音乐节上表演。Marc Lamontagne周五晚上与爵士乐队一起演奏。其他学生周六下午进行了管弦乐、乐队和合唱团表演。后排(由左至右):Mason Davis, Emma Buhner, Henry Sipples, Sze Chun Chan, Gavin Ghafoori, Lukas Morris, Marc Lamontagne。中排:Cecilia Sweeney, Kaci Cochran, Madison Wilson, Elizabeth Gilmartin, Rose Sullivan, Luke Young Xu, Kat Mayhew, Lia Rotti, Jen Rotti。前排:Chelsea Chen, Harmony Evans, Jordan Barbour, Joseph Vineyard, Hyun Jeen Yang, Jiaxin Du.没有出现在照片中的:Zachary Anti, Qiongyin Yan。

Congratulations to Anzhelika Natashchuk, whose one-act play was performed by professional actors in a public performance in Burlington at the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival. Jack Luna's play (shown above) was performed in a cold reading at the festival, and James Wood's play received an Honorable Mention. Congratulations!

祝贺Anzhelika Natashchuk,他的独幕剧由专业演员在佛蒙特州年轻剧作家节上公开表演。Jack Luna的戏剧(上图所示)在作家节上演,James Wood的戏剧获得了荣誉提名。祝贺!

Matt Stark's woodworking students displayed some amazing creations in the Dining Hall.

Matt Stark的木工学生在餐厅陈列了一些令人惊奇的创作。

Two seniors choreographed a dance as part of a dance composition assignment. Elizabeth Gilmartin and Sam Bulpin conceived of the project and worked with dance instructor Marianne Hraibi to bring the project to fruition. The video was shot and edited by Filmmaking teacher Alex Shea. See the video here.

两个十二年级学生编排了一段舞蹈作为舞蹈创作任务的一部分。Elizabeth Gilmartin和Sam Bulpin构思了这个项目,并与舞蹈教练Marianne Hraibi合作,使这个项目得以实施。这段视频由电影制作老师Alex Shea拍摄和编辑。

The FIRST Robotics team put together a video about their best season ever. Take a look here.


We have added a number of photos to our SmugMug sports library. Take a look here.


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